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Car Rental Terms & Conditions

Last Update: 25 February 2019

By making a booking or using any of our Services, you are agreeing to these terms.
Please read them carefully before you proceed. Our Services are very diverse, so sometimes additional terms or product requirements may apply.

1. Reservation / booking

To perform a car rental reservation, just follow the steps booking on our website. In each step you will be asked to deposit some personal information and specify the rate details. Please pay close attention to the accuracy of your information provided in order to allow us a smooth process.

In case of booking from the airport please contact us to provide your flight number to schedule a possible delay of your flight.

In case of a hotel pickup please select the name from the list.
If your accommodation is not available in our list, then please enter the name manually.

All personal information that you enter on our website are secured by 128-bit SSL encryption. At the end of the booking process you will be asked for a deposit.

There is one method of payment available:

– Payment by bank transfer

2. Payment Terms

For reserving your rental car we need is just a down payment of 20% of the total, which will be displayed during the booking process.
The balance is due upon renting the car on the spot and can be paid in cash or by credit card.

3. Account Transfer

Should they choose to make this payment, you will receive within 24 hours after booking, official, provisional booking confirmation with our account details via e-mail. The final booking confirmation you receive only when the payment amount has been credited to our account.

A reservation by bank transfer is only possible if the posting date min. 10 days is before arrival.

4. Late bookings (last minute bookings)

Should decide quickly make a booking, which will take place in less than 72 hours you, you will be notified via email and / or phone about your booking status.
If you do not receive any notification, please contact us:

Tel: 2311 243 999

5. Deposit

For reservations that have not been selected for full security cover, the following terms apply:

For categories A, B, C, D, E 1000 EUR guarantee in cash
For category F 1500 EURO guarantee
For category G 2000 EUR guarantee

In the event that the customer chooses this form of reservation, he is obliged to pay the corresponding amount of guarantee (cash) for each category corresponding to the receipt of the vehicle.

In any case BeSmart, it has every right to cancel the reservation.

6. Lease

A rental day is always the 24 hour period of car rental delivery. If the delivery time is later, a charge is calculated. Charge amount please refer to our website when booking.

Generally, flight delays of up to 2 hours and general delays of up to 1 hour are accepted at no extra charge. BeSmart provides free shuttle service to and from the airport only in the event of a lease.

In no case does it bear the cost of transporting to and from our station. All BeSmart vehicles are prohibited from smoking as well as vapor. The BeSmart employee is not allowed to place child seats in the vehicle but only to indicate.

The customer is obliged to inform in advance of arrival of the snow chains in time.

7. Reservation documents

Please add at renting the car, your booking confirmation.
BeSmart  is not responsible for non rentals that have been made on the basis of the lack of confirmation.

Confirmation is not the lease.
This is only with the employee in renting the car, on the basis of the bookings, filled out.

8. Driver's license / ID card

All drivers must be registered in the lease for min. 1 year in possession of a valid driving license for category III (B).
The hirer will be responsible for carrying the forms of identification.
In case of missing documents or entrained duplicates, we shall not lease-and no refund of payments made.
Driving licenses which have been issued outside the EU are not valid in Greece. For renting a car you need an international driving license.

9. Additional Drivers

Entering an additional driver is free (only when they booked the insurance option 2). You will be asked in this case, enter this already when reserving your rental car. The second driver must carry a valid driving license and when renting the car on the spot.

10. Age of the driver

For all categories the minimum age is 23 and the maximum is 72.

In case of under 23 and over 72 there is a premium option which is charged at EUR 50 and only covers the option of simple insurance 1

11. Vehicle categories

Reservations and bookings are valid for the booked category, but not for a specific vehicle types.

Figuratively models shown are non-binding sample vehicles.
We reserve the possibility in the case of written-off vehicle categories to give you a similar or higher quality vehicle at no extra cost.

Please carefully select the required category of vehicle!
BeSmart is not responsible for incorrectly selected categories.

This refers especially to the number of persons traveling and items of luggage.

12. Extras

Child seats and infant carriers in Greece in all control law.
If you need one or more child seats / infant carriers, you must advance, request for your car hire booking.
For insurance reasons, you must install yourself on the vehicle.
The first two child seat is free, each additional is charged EUR 4 .00 per day.

13. Fuel options

We have the following fuel options:

Cars have different levels of level and should be leased to the lease.

If the vehicle is delivered with a lower fuel limit, the delivery will be charged at the cost of the missing fuel.

BeSmart does not replace the lessee in case of returning the vehicle with more fuel.

14. Delivery Information

Airport deliveries: 
This service is included in the price.
A staff member will be waiting with your name tag in the arrivals hall.
This will take you, for vehicle delivery to our nearby stations only.
The Car return is exclusively at the depot. A member of staff will take you back to the airport.
Please pay attention to the accuracy of this flight numbers and the airline.

Hotel notifications: 
This service is either included or it is offered depending on the location of the place, for a fee.
This will give you the time of booking on our website displayed.
Our representative will be waiting at the agreed hotel reception.

Delivery & Pickup Fees:
Thessaloniki Center: 10.00€
Thessaloniki Railway: 10.00€
Thessaloniki KTEL Macedonia: 20.00€

15. Delivery out of normal opening hours

We offer a 24 hour delivery service.
Our normal delivery hours are from 08:00 a.m. to 21:00 p.m..
Outside of these hours fees are charged. You will see the fees during your booking steps, when you enter your pickup and return times.
In case of delay of your flight, leading to delivery outside normal opening times, it could be that you have to pay the fee in addition to the total amount of your booking site.

16. Oneway rentals

The vehicle can be returned and will be charged in each case differently depending on the station selected.

Minimum vehicle reservation should be 3 days.

17. Insurance option 1

PAI (Personal. accident insurance) for the occupants up to 1.200.000 EUR

Child Seats

18. Insurance option 2

Vehicle insurance is valid only within Greek borders.

  • FDW Comprehensive Liability Insurance.
  • CDW
  • Liability insurance
  • PAI (Personal Accident Insurance) for passengers up to EUR 1,200,000
  • Injury to third parties up to 1,200,000 euros
  • Damage to third parties up to EUR 1,200,000
  • Total vehicle theft insurance without tenant involvement
  • Fire insurance does not involve the tenant
  • Wheels, glass and underside of the vehicle (not off-road)
  • 24 hours road assistance
  • Extra guide
  • Free kilometers

19. Car exchange

A change of a car is until 72 hours

20. The insurance does not include

Customer is liable and indemnifies BeSmart in the following cases:

Antenna, car lock, loss or damage to keys, wipers, mirrors, spare keys, car starter socket, lights, gas cap, child seats wear and tear, warning triangles, seat cushion damage, seat cushion, Damage to the underside of the car in cases of non-compliance with the COC (Road Traffic Code) caused by the tenant, incorrect fuel, damage to child seats, lack of electricity due to forgotten activated electricity ktrikon devices resulting in forced change of battery, vandalism Damage from extreme weather and hail are not covered in any of the BeSmart insurance options.

BeSmart is not obliged to replace a defective tire in the event of failure to select Safety 2 or damage to the radio. BeSmart shall not be liable for any damage or accident resulting from Driver’s Alcohol Conscious Disorders and Drugs. The same applies to damages or accidents caused by the lessee without the involvement of another vehicle as well as with the involvement of another vehicle off the road and off-road traffic (KOK). In such cases, the lessee shall be solely responsible and shall be fully responsible for the damage caused to the vehicle without any discharge. This is the case in both simple safety and mixed safety cases. The driver should never leave the scene of the accident without informing BeSmart and the police. Likewise, it must wait for the arrival of the police and security to be able to produce an accident report, a copy of which will be deposited in return for the vehicle. If you omit the above, the insurance does not cover the damage and the lessee will be responsible for all the costs of the damage that arises. The police report should also indicate if one of the drivers involved is not affected by alcohol and / or drugs. Even in the case of other damage to the leased vehicle, BeSmart should be notified.

In the event of any damage to a parked car, you must notify us and follow the procedure by updating BeSmart and calling police and security before moving the car.

The customer must immediately notify BeSmart in the event of a total and partial theft of the vehicle. If this is not the case, the customer is obliged to bear all the expenses that will be incurred. The minimum amount for processing is 90.-Eur. Administrative fines and non-compliance with traffic rules are the sole responsibility of the tenant and are NOT covered by insurance.

All rental cars will be insured for the maximum number of passengers. For security reasons, this should not be exceeded, otherwise the insurance may be canceled.

The prices of the above damages caused by the lessee are set by BeSmart.

The lessee cannot make any damage or replacement replacement without BeSmart’s consent.

In all cases where the Agreements are not complied with, BeSmart has the right to take all legal action against the lessee. The insurance covers only the drivers listed in the lease.

21. Shipments

Shipping within the Mietlandes are usually allowed.
The car rental must be informed in principle.
Trips to other countries are NOT allowed, since the vehicles are insured only within Greece.

22. Force Majeure

BeSmart is NOT liable for not accomplished or poor services due to force majeure, such as War, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, strikes, etc., will be delayed, hindered or prevented.

23. Cancelations

You have the option to cancel your reservation at BeSmart up to 10 days prior to arrival.

This cancellation can be made by phone: Tel: 0030 2311 243 999.

In this case the deposit will be refunded in full. If canceled less than 10 days prior to arrival, the deposit will NOT be refunded.

In case of advance payment of the total amount, 20% of the total amount will be withheld in the short term. For changes / cancellations upon arrival, the price change is not at the responsibility of the rental company, which, according to BeSmart, is NOT refundable.

Refund of booking deposit rejected due to no-show, lack of driving license, prior return or cancellation upon arrival cannot be refunded.

If the vehicle is returned before the scheduled date of registration, BeSmart is not obliged to refund the lessee.

BeSmart is not obliged to refund the lessee when it comes to the aesthetics and appearance of the vehicle.

24. Transfers

You have the option to rebook at BeSmart to 5 days before arrival.
You can perform with an e-mail or by phone to landline numbers.

If a change affects the price, you get e-mail, a new booking confirmation, in which the change is visible.
Changes made during occupation, such as Extension to the lease, change the delivery location, etc., are in time, min. 24 hour, before the lease by calling the landline numbers

Station Thessaloniki 0030 2311 243 999
The corresponding costs are borne by the tenant.

25. Customer

We will be happy to answer questions, particularly for reservations, call the landline numbers.
Station Thessaloniki 0030 2311 243 999
or by email at [email protected] available.

If you are unhappy with your rental car, you must indicate immediately our local employees out.

From the moment of pick up of employees on site Your contact for the entire rental period.

This will assist you with problems such as roadside assistance, continue.

26. Year Car

Recent Car Models – Cars that have been built the past 2 years.

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